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πŸ’° Asset-Management (2)

πŸ’‰ Value Added eXchange
V.A.X. is a unique DEX on MultiVAC inspired by UniV3's targetted fee-slots for various categories of liquidity pools. DAO-governed fee. Smooth & Simple interface.

⚠ There is no VAX token!
🌾 Kompound Protocol
The First Yield Optimizer on the MultiVAC Blockchain. Re-invests your yield to buy more of the Original Assets.

Earn 1% for creating each Compound, without any upfront investment.
🌿 LITE Farmlands
Farmlands open up the world of Farming to all projects without restrictions!

Do-it-yourself farming, now on MultiVAC!

⛓️ Blockchain Toolkit (4)

🧐 MTVScan
Query past and present Token information, view real-time Gas prices & transaction cost estimates.

Includes a Transaction Status viewer and Allowance/Approval Checker.
πŸ“œ Source Verification
Manual Smart Contract Source Code Reviewing, Matching and Verification Service.

Source code cross-checking tool for Smart Contract users, with in-depth reports.
πŸ” TvlGuru.sol
A Smart Contract that calculates instantaneous TVL (via on-chain calls) & per-block TVL (via web3 calls) of any Decentralized Finance platform.

The Universal TVL Finder can work with any Protocol, Project or EVM-like blockchain.
πŸ” Token Explorer
Token information and transfer tracker.

Find out total supply of a token, its decimals and other metadata. Filter token transactions by sender/receiver addresses.

⛓️ Data Analytics (2)

🌲 VAX APR - YieldStats
Find out APR yield earned from The Value Added eXchange (VAX) for all Liquidity Pairs!

Real-time metrics sortable by Asset, Reserves, APR, ROI and more!
πŸ“Š DEX Rankings
List of all DEXes of MultiVAC Network with in-depth data inlcuding trade-volumes, active-markets, total value locked, net liquidity and more!

Real-time rankings sortable by TVL, Volume, Pools, etc.
πŸ’Ή DEX Charts
Chart all Pairs from all DEXes of MultiVAC Network and discover real-time price-action with the First-ever charting platform of MultiVAC!

Supports over 14 markets from MoonSwap, TGR CyberSwap and MTVSwap.

πŸ—ƒοΈ Utilities (1)

🌧️ Token Airdropper
Bulk send MRC20 (ERC20) tokens to multiple addresses within 3 seconds.

Supports upto 250 addresses per transaction & Batch-able transactions to send tokens to unlimited users quickly.

🀝 B2B Services (4)

🌱 SeedR - Launchpad for Tokens
SeedR is the first of its kind Multi-Chain Launchpad capable of raising funds in parallel on multiple chains simultaneously.

Get in touch via any of our social communities to learn more!
πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ Farm-as-a-Service (FaaS)
We create custom Farming dApps & Smart Contracts for all projects and host them on our platform. Our Farm-Maker service is free of cost!

Get in touch via any of our social communities to get a farm deployed for your project!
πŸ“₯ Staking-as-a-Service
We create custom Staking dApps & Smart Contracts for all projects and host them on our platform. Our Staking-platoform is free of cost!

Get in touch via any of our social communities to get a staking dApp deployed for your project!
πŸ”‚ Compounder-as-a-Service (CaaS)
We create custom Vaults and compounder dApps (Smart Contracts + dApp) for all projects and host them on our platform, free of cost!

Get in touch via any of our social communities to get a compounder or vault deployed for your yield farm!
πŸ”’ Timelocks-as-a-Service
We create custom TimeLocks (Smart Contracts + UI) for all sorts of DeFi tokens, normal tokens, auto-compounding assets and NFTs as well.

Our Timelocks are Custom-made and can have features like multi-sigs, multi-beneficiary, linear/stepped/vested unlocks and more!

Partners & Associates (4)

Guru Network

A Multi-faceted growth hacker for indie projects. Tools, Services, niche utility-applications, bespoke product customization, liquidity enhancement & data analytics products provider.

The Great Reset

β€” X DAO Government β€” CyberSwap Multi-Chain DEX β€” Children of Zion NFT Marketplace β€” Hertz Yield Farm.


β€” Biggest NFT-based DAO on MultiVAC β€” First farming-partner at MTV.Guru Farmlands.

Proxima, The Game

β€” First Game-Fi project on MultiVAC β€” First launch candidate of SeedR

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